RSB Mobile Trading

Rayalseema bullion and commtrade PVT Ltd is one of the thriving commodity brokers in India with the evidence of the launched our own, advanced and user-friendly mobile trading software for Commodity trading. This mobile trading application was named as RSB mobile Trading app.

RSB mobile trading application is the best platform which was brought for the traders to use at free of cost and to make their trade effective and useful. The specifications and usability of RSB Mobile Trading App are unique compared to other mobile trading application in India.

The wide range of traders prefers RSB app for Commodity trading for the best specifications and usability of the RSB app. According to Commodity trading, RSB mobile trading application is getting grand welcome across the traders in India.


Watch Live Market

Buy / Sell options

Depth Market view

Script Properties View

RMS Limit view

Usage Market

High flexibility

High speed in low network connection

Powerful accessibility